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Re: Savers & Winamp plugins

Bert Peers wrote:

> About the screensaver, did I understand correctly that a
> developer's prime goal should be to write just an X11
> program that blits to root, and then a daemon such as
> XScreensaver, XLock, or who knows maybe a custom KDE/
> Gnome thing again, will do everything else ?
> That's kindof different from Win32, where all
> functionality needs to be "implemented" by the program,
> just by linking against some lib...  The Linux way looks
> weird first, but is a blessing when you think about
> it :)  As usual :)

JWZ's Xscreensaver works just that way. xlock/xlockmore have all the
saver modules compiled into the executable and so don't have that kind
of flexibility. And yes, usually the Linux way is better than the 'Doze
way :)

Jeff Read <bitwize@geocities.com>
Unix Code Artist, Anime Fan, Really Cool Guy