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Re: Weitergeleitet:Re: Dead links + more links

At 03:37 PM 7/17/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Christian Reiniger wrote:
>> >Could we talk about this on the next IRC meeting ?  I'm not sure if
>> >taking the list of links, chopping them up in sound, gfx, dev, etc
>> >categories and then just put them in the tools section is a good idea.
>> What about actually moving the entries from "Links" to "Tools" and adding a
>> "review wanted" link to each?
>> It might be a good idea anyway to have some kind of "add a comment on this
>> tool" thing for all tools.
>Sounds good..  Would that eliminate the links section altogether ?  Or would
>you suggest to move only gfx, sound and the likes tools, not IDEs etc ?...

	I always thought of the Links section as a catch-all, something we could
turn into a 'freshmeat'-like listing of links of interest to game
developers where we have no real stringent criteria for inclusion.
Something browsable for the developer who is surfing and just wants to
browse and perhaps get inspired. 

	The Tools section would carry more specific reviews, especially of the
more important tools and, even more valuable, comparative reviews. For
example, a table of various model renderers explicitely stating which
features are implemented and which aren't in each package. Another with
tables of what features arte implemented in the various 3D engines. Etc...

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster