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Re: Weitergeleitet:Re: Dead links + more links

Paul Tiseo wrote:

>>> What about actually moving the entries from "Links" to "Tools" and adding a
>>> "review wanted" link to each?
>>> It might be a good idea anyway to have some kind of "add a comment on this
>>> tool" thing for all tools.
>>Sounds good..  Would that eliminate the links section altogether ?  Or would
>>you suggest to move only gfx, sound and the likes tools, not IDEs etc ?...
>	I always thought of the Links section as a catch-all, something we could
>turn into a 'freshmeat'-like listing of links of interest to game
>developers where we have no real stringent criteria for inclusion.
>Something browsable for the developer who is surfing and just wants to
>browse and perhaps get inspired.

I didn't think of that, but it sounds good.

>	The Tools section would carry more specific reviews, especially of the
>more important tools and, even more valuable, comparative reviews. For
>example, a table of various model renderers explicitely stating which
>features are implemented and which aren't in each package. Another with
>tables of what features arte implemented in the various 3D engines. Etc...

Anyway, the "Tools" section has to be filled.


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