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Re: Game Project of the month

Rob Kaper wrote:

>What we (LGDC) offer:
>- a month long feature with a direct link from the main page, including:

>  * a Forum on LGDC about the development of that game specifically?

Once we have some discussion mechanism, why not?

>What we expect:
>  * the project must of course be open source so others can learn from it
>  * the project must accept new developers or at least code submissions.
>    Projects that do require assistance might even have a higher priority,
>    because we could actually help such projects to get started.
>  * the project managers must be willing to let us use those code examples
>    on LGDC, to give away an interview for on our site, etc etc

  * It has to be clear that they are really serious about finishing the
    project, that it has a real chence to succeed.

>In a later stadium we can expand the marketplace idea I had and take over
>the development games from the Tome (once our database and structure is
>ready for that) unless Bob decides he wants such games on the Tome (the
>latest poll there suggests the readers want it).

They didn't know about our plans ;)


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