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Re: Your site!

Richard Jones wrote:
>Hey, great site!
>You've got some really useful information there - expecially the hints in the 
>"General Management Tips" tutorial. Some of those issues I've already run into 

Thank you ;)

>though - and because of them there's been no development until recently :(

The nice thing about those problems is that the difficult part is to
actually identify them. After that solving them is relatively easy.

>GUI (there will be at least two, possibly three targets). I was a little 
>disappointed to see that Python isn't mentioned anywhere on the site - 
>especially in the Scripting Languages section where you mention RMS bagging 
>Tcl. RMS quite likes Python - and it's a cinch to integrate into a C or C++ 

Would you like to write something about Python? A proper entry in the
"scripting languages" section and eventually also some article on how to
actually use it in games

>based game to provide user scripting. And Python is not Perl.

Hey - I *love* Perl! ;)


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