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Your site!

Hey, great site!

You've got some really useful information there - expecially the hints in the 
"General Management Tips" tutorial. Some of those issues I've already run into 
though - and because of them there's been no development until recently :(

I'm developing a turn-based space strategy game in Python using Qt as the base 
GUI (there will be at least two, possibly three targets). I was a little 
disappointed to see that Python isn't mentioned anywhere on the site - 
especially in the Scripting Languages section where you mention RMS bagging 
Tcl. RMS quite likes Python - and it's a cinch to integrate into a C or C++ 
based game to provide user scripting. And Python is not Perl.

Anyway, thanks for your site - I'll be dropping in regularly to check up on 
things. I'll be making formal announcements regarding my own game when I've got 
the basic Qt interface going (the actual game engine itself is up and running - 
I just need something for the users ;)

Keep up the good work!