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Re: Support for handicaped people

Dutchevici Teodor wrote:

>    Now the problem that I see is that not many games give the
>    same output to deaf people as to the others.   This also
>    made me think about creating games for blind and visually
>    impaired persons.

  That's an interesting thought, hadn't considered this.  The visual
cues for replacing sounds is a very good idea, I'll talk about this
on our next design meeting..
  I'm not sure what visually impaired means; I mean, I've seen
the phrase several times, but what is it, exactly ?  Thing is that
you have to be careful not to give the wrong kind of support,
or you'd be actually insulting the handicaped players,
instead of supporting them.  Instead of thinking
"hey that's a good idea, thanks", they'd go "hey, dudes
I may be impaired but I'm no moron"..

  For instance my first thought after reading your post was to try
to render a tilebased world using much dimmer tiles than usual,
and brighten up the overlayed units; that should give high contrast
without the wash out of a gamma boosted display, and make the
units easy to spot in what could otherwise look like a big blurry
mess...  But is that what they'd want ?  Unless "visually impaired"
is just a pol cor euphemism for "blind", I don't, euh, see, what
it could mean other than having bad sight..  So, basically, what's
visually wrong with the current games ?..


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