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Re: Support for handicaped people

>    shows you the position of enemy buildings.  In 3DS sounds
>    let you know you are close to an enemy or that someone is
>    shooting at you.  This could be arranged.  If the developers
>    put a feature that allows deaf people "see sounds", even if
>    it is not by default it could be much easier to play games.

In "Half-Life", if you are attacked, there are red warning blocks that
show up in the direction that the damage is coming from (top, bottom,
left, right).  Also, litle icons are displayed on the screen indicating
what type of damage it is if its unconventional (fire, radioactive, etc.)

>    Are there games for blind people ?  I don't know of any.
>    I think that Role Playing Games (RPG) are a good style
>    for them because the games can describe what happens and
>    they just make decisions.  What about other type of games ?
>    Strategy, RTS, adventure ?

I think a good way to approach games for the blind, are possibly the
old-school games like "HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy", where you say "go
north" or "pick up brick".  The text could be spoken, or something.  I
don't really see much else, unless you have a lot of physical feedback

-- Michael Nachbaur
   Codito, ergo sum - "I code, therefore I am"