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RE: Support for handicaped people

>   For instance my first thought after reading your post was to try
> to render a tilebased world using much dimmer tiles than usual,
> and brighten up the overlayed units; that should give high contrast
> without the wash out of a gamma boosted display, and make the
> units easy to spot in what could otherwise look like a big blurry
> mess...  But is that what they'd want ?  Unless "visually impaired"
> is just a pol cor euphemism for "blind", I don't, euh, see, what
> it could mean other than having bad sight..  So, basically, what's
> visually wrong with the current games ?..

  There are different kind of handicaps, a few that I know of are:
  blindness, color blindness, myopia (pretty advanced) and others
  that I do not know about.   We can set up different levels of
  support for these people.   For example we can have a black and
  white setting for color blind, a high contrast for myops etc.
  I cannot really tell what exactly is wrong with the games because
  I do not have these problems.  Someone who might have a handicap
  might know of games he can play and how to set them up.  It is 
  hard for me to judge but, I think a lot of games to not take these
  people into account.  I am sure that a color blind person playing
  Half-Life has difficulties seeind someone that is not moving.

> Bert
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