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Game Project of the month

After some more thought I've come up with the following idea's. Of course we
cannot really implement it until the PHP/MySQL stuff is fully operational
(it was going to be fully operational soon right?), but it's not a bad idea
to get this going again:

What we (LGDC) offer:

- a month long feature with a direct link from the main page, including:

  * an interview with the author(s) on the goals, progress, development
    decisions, hints/tips, etc
  * screenshots! designs! rumours, gossip, goodies!
  * an easy sign-up form for interested developers/contributors (where they
    can include whether they code, are graphic artists, etc etc. This was
    kind of my original idea for my LGB site: a trading place between
    willing coders and artists and games that need assistance)
  * samples of source code that make damn good sense and can be an example
    for other developers. We need to link this together with the 'code
    examples' tutorial alike thing elsewhere on the site. The dynamic
    library code we saw on the list some time ago was the perfect template
    for such code pieces: simple, to-the-point code that does exactly one
    thing: use dynamic libraries. Any programmer with some experience can
    look at that code and start using it right away without having to dig
    through sources.
  * perhaps in cooperation with the Tome a LGDC box there with something
    like: LGDC Game Project of the Month $title.
  * a Forum on LGDC about the development of that game specifically?

What we expect:

  * the project must of course be open source so others can learn from it
  * the project must accept new developers or at least code submissions.
    Projects that do require assistance might even have a higher priority,
    because we could actually help such projects to get started.
  * the project managers must be willing to let us use those code examples
    on LGDC, to give away an interview for on our site, etc etc

In a later stadium we can expand the marketplace idea I had and take over
the development games from the Tome (once our database and structure is
ready for that) unless Bob decides he wants such games on the Tome (the
latest poll there suggests the readers want it).

Please add/modify/debate these options and proposals.

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