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Re: Article about dialog engine is nearly ready

Am Tue, 27 Jul 1999 hast Du wahrscheinlich geschrieben:
>At 06:58 AM 7/26/99 +0000, you wrote:
>>"Philipp Gühring" schrieb:
>>> By the way, whom should I send the final version to put it into the
>>> Linuxgames homepage?
>>Paul would be the one. He has been a bit quiet lately though...

>	I'm back. Just plodding through my interminable emails. Send it in, I will
>check the english and post it up.

Ok, but please check with Guido Socher <guido@bearix.oche.de>
wheter there is already someone from Linux Focus, who corrects the
english translation.

>	Incidentally, the list *has* been quiet. Is anyone brewing new articles
>for the LGDC/ We could use more...
Well, if there is the demand ... I will post a second article about
the applications of Dialog.

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