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Re: a question about using CVS

Pierre Phaneuf schrieb:
> Maybe this is the wrong place, but I think somebody might know...
> How would I go to make a recursive unified diff with "cvs diff"?
> Now, I do a checkout of the same revision I did my work on and do a
> "diff -ruN original-stuff my-stuff > my-patch.diff". I just think it'd
> be really cool if I could do the same with "cvs diff -u" or something
> similar.

my CVS help says option -R  is for recursive diffing. There´s also a
comment "consult the documentation for your diff program for
rcsdiff-options. The most popular is -c for context diffs but there are
many more". I´ve however already seen cvs servers not support the -u
switch, so you might ave to try around a bit.