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Re: Installation

> I am thinking about installation routines for Linux.
> And the Filesystem Standard.
> The Dos Version gave the user the following options:
> * Install only configuration files, savegames, play the whole game
> from the CD
> * Install the game program and data except the videos, play the videos
> from the CD
> * Install everything, the CD is not needed any longer

Keeping copies in RPM as well as live on the CD could take up too much
space.  One interesting possibility is to write an install that uses
the rpm library so that it can install the live data as an rpm.  (I'm
assuming the rpm library will allow you to do that.)

> How can the game detect where the CD is mounted, so that it doesn't
> need to question the user for the path.

/dev/cdrom is fairly common.  Civ:CtP scans everything in fstab.
Game library developers perhaps this would be a good thing to add.

Dennis Payne