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Re: Installation

Dennis Payne wrote:

>Keeping copies in RPM as well as live on the CD could take up too much
>space.  One interesting possibility is to write an install that uses
>the rpm library so that it can install the live data as an rpm.  (I'm
>assuming the rpm library will allow you to do that.)

Does anyone know more about this? I want to support something like that in
PenguinFile, together with some "make the game use up to xxx MB on the HDD"
function (the xxx number could e.g. be specified by the user at
installation time).

>> How can the game detect where the CD is mounted, so that it doesn't
>> need to question the user for the path.
>/dev/cdrom is fairly common.  Civ:CtP scans everything in fstab.
>Game library developers perhaps this would be a good thing to add.

Already planned. I don't know yet how to exactly present the info to the
game (some GetCDPath () function perhaps, but the thing has to be able to
cope with multiple CD drives and other types of removable media. Faked CDs
would be nice as well (should be trivial on Linux)).


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