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Re: Cubesoft's OMIGG Project v0.0.09

On Tue, 04 July 2000, Steve Baker wrote:
> Ed Page wrote:
> > 
> > Cubesoft has released version 0.0.09 of the OMIGG project.
> Are we all going to continually post every consecutive release of everything
> we work on here?

Of course not

> We seem to be getting a series of CrystalSpace postings to this list - and
> I really think those belong on their own list.  If I cared a rats ass about
> these minor revisions, I'd subscribe to their list (and be annoyed about
> getting duplicate posts - presumably) - since I don't, I'd rather not be
> spammed.

Really, I have only seen mention of Crystal Space and when appropriate.  Besides my posts I haven't really seen mention of any CS project.  Actually, it is appropraite to announce the releases of Crystal Space here because it IS a development library that can be used for games and because they go several months without releases.  If you consider the different between releases like CS0.14 and CS0.16, it is not anything small.  I can't really talk about minor releases, because the rarely do them, now that CS uses CVS.  They usually do some "minor" releases during CVS development(2 between CS).14 and CS0.16), and then minor changes to the stable release(CS0.16r1, r2, and soon r3).  Geeh, ahve you even heard mention of those releases, no.  I am subscribed to the LGDC, CS, CS-anounce, CCS-cvs, and I think one more.  I recived about 4 copies of the announcment of CS0.16.  It did not bother me because I thought it was worth it from the discussions I read on the CS list, the LGDC list, and the CS-cvs list.  Don't ask me why I am on the others, because I thought there would actually be more then just stable release info on it.
  CS also could be considered the greatest open source 3D engine out there.  Go ahead and look at what the others offer in comparison to CS.  I think its only competitor is a commercial project that went open source called World Foundry(don't know the URl, but is on link section of my page).  
  You could not even consider this spam because you asked to be on this mailing list.
You say you don't care, how do you know if someone else might actually.

> If on the other hand, it *is* the policy to accept these kinds of posts
> then I need to hit the list about four or five times a week with minor
> PLIB changes, changes to the Tux_AQFH and TuxKart engines, PrettyPoly
> progress reports, etc, etc.
> I don't think we want to go that way.  Project-specific mailing lists
> and *occasional* Freshmeat news items are a better way to handle this
> - all else is mere duplication - IMHO.

This is the linux GAME DEVELOPMENT List.  A place to help with development of Linux games, and in my opinion, let people know what projects are out there to develop on or to watch out for, especially since there really isn't a site like that out there, unless you could consider freshmeat which is not specialized so it can get lost the crowd easily.  You can't say the Linux Game Tome would because they don't really want games that are in early development.  I can understand why some pages wouldn't take early projects, because they can easily die out, but if that truely is the policy of this group, then there is no place for these kind of projects.  Also most people looking for a prject just want to develop for games that aren't just barely out, or in conception phases.

I think this change to your statement would be more appropriate as:
I don't think we want to go that way.  Project-specific mailing lists
and *occasional* LGDC news items are a better way to handle this
- all else is mere duplication - IMHO.

  Besides this isn;t just another consecutive release.  This is the final release for 0.0.X series, including all the required features, but with a few annoying bugs.  My releases are rarelly minor(except maybe for the next one) since I am dumb and go months normally without a release.  Plus, I didnt even post the news about my last release here.  I do agree, minor releases can be a drag.  Just because of the way I have beenb programming(getting ahead of my plans), I only need to do one thing to get 0.1.0 out.  I think that would't be worth mentioning.  Maybe If I did a couple more months of development, of course.  The only minor releases I agree with is when a slew of bugs were squashed, since that can easily turn people away from a project

  I am remember a discussion about what the orientation of the website and mailing list a couple months ago, and if I remember correctly, it went thet way of all discussions, and nothing definite happened or the website was meant more for Libraries and the mailing list could get this kind of traffic.  I would look it up on the web page, but I can't access it right now

  Actually if your read the Crystal Space mailing List, most of the talks about projects are new comers that want to create one.  Most projects don't have to much to show, except for the "Show how Crystal Space works" 3d tetris aka Blocks, and the tiny Tunnel Fighter game.  Jorrit had this to say about this release after I mentioned it when I was talking to him about something else.  
"... I recommend to check out the latter[Cubesoft] as they already have working code and are nearing a release[v0.0.09] of a playable game"
-Jorrit (from the Crystal Space website at http://crystal.linuxgames.com)

Well, I guess thats it for now.


Ed Page
Cubesoft Development
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