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Re: Cubesoft's OMIGG Project v0.0.09

One thing which does annoy me is the fact that the CS announcements get sent
to this list twice (one fomr the poster, and one from the CsMain list)...

It wouldn't be as annoying if I only got each announcement in my LGDC folder
once... but twice is unnecessary.

Mark Collins (aka Nurgle)
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Phone: +44 (0)7719 213 309

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From: Ed Page <cubesoft@techieguy.com>
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Date: 05 July 2000 17:40
Subject: Re: Cubesoft's OMIGG Project v0.0.09

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>Really, I have only seen mention of Crystal Space and when appropriate.
Besides my posts I haven't really seen mention of any CS project.  Actually,
it is appropraite to announce the releases of Crystal Space here because it
IS a development library that can be used for games and because they go
several months without releases.  If you consider the different between
releases like CS0.14 and CS0.16, it is not anything small.  I can't really
talk about minor releases, because the rarely do them, now that CS uses CVS.
They usually do some "minor" releases during CVS development(2 between
CS).14 and CS0.16), and then minor changes to the stable release(CS0.16r1,
r2, and soon r3).  Geeh, ahve you even heard mention of those releases, no.
I am subscribed to the LGDC, CS, CS-anounce, CCS-cvs, and I think one more.
I recived about 4 copies of the announcment of CS0.16.  It did not bother me
because I thought it was worth it from the discussions I read on the CS
list, the LGDC list, and the CS-cvs list.  Don't ask me why I am on the
others, because I thought there would actually be more then just stable
release info on it.
>  CS also could be considered the greatest open source 3D engine out there.
Go ahead and look at what the others offer in comparison to CS.  I think its
only competitor is a commercial project that went open source called World
Foundry(don't know the URl, but is on link section of my page).
>  You could not even consider this spam because you asked to be on this
mailing list.
>You say you don't care, how do you know if someone else might actually.

[snip *ouch*]

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