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Re: 'not an artist' article

> > I'd like to evolve things like extra fingers, horns, spikes, and extra
> > limbs. That would be cool.
> I'd just be happy to get it working.  Horns and spikes would be attached
> to existing bones while having extra fingers and limbs evolving instead
> of being chosen at the beginning is not that much more useful.

Another thing that could evolve, is communication between them. Like warning
signals etc. within the same race or similar creatures, and they could even
learn other races' language and start getting advantage of that :)

> > Anyway, you need some counterbalance to the size of bones/creatures, or
> > at least some randomness, or all creatures would evolve to be huge.
> Why would they evolve to be huge?  You seem to forget that we plan to use
> human intervention for the selection process.  Anyway, size is relative.
> Since you will have to scale the results to fit the units of the game
> overall size need not be a variable.

Huge creatures need a lot of food.


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