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Re: 'not an artist' article

On Wed, Jul 05, 2000 at 12:17:00AM +0800, Joel Utting wrote:

> I guess you'd need a physics model in the environment, and some idea
> about muscles and joints. Muscles would control joints movements based
> on the weight of the creature, and would have to expand in size if the
> creature did. The muscles would also give you some idea of how to wrap
> the flesh around the bones.

I'm sure there must be an easier way to do this than this kind of
anatomical modelling.  Muscles may help flesh out the model but it
will get far too complicated if you try and bring physics into it.

> I'd like to evolve things like extra fingers, horns, spikes, and extra
> limbs. That would be cool.

I'd just be happy to get it working.  Horns and spikes would be attached
to existing bones while having extra fingers and limbs evolving instead
of being chosen at the beginning is not that much more useful.

> Anyway, you need some counterbalance to the size of bones/creatures, or
> at least some randomness, or all creatures would evolve to be huge.

Why would they evolve to be huge?  You seem to forget that we plan to use
human intervention for the selection process.  Anyway, size is relative.
Since you will have to scale the results to fit the units of the game
overall size need not be a variable.

> Bye - Joel.

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