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Re: Naval warfare sims

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Steve Baker wrote:

>Unfortunately, I'm not one of them - I never could get into naval sims.

And it is a *real big job* if you try to do something like the Harpoon
series. There is a lot of math and heavy bookkeeping going on behind the

>I'd like to do a Greek Trireme battle sim though - archers and catapults,
>ramming, grappling hooks, boarding, exploding 'Greek-fire' pots, oarsmen,
>sails, that kind of thing.  I was a great fan of a boardgame called 'Trireme'
>back in the mid 1970's - and I've yet to see a half-decent computer-based
>game around the same theme.

Sounds quite interesting. There are a lot of nice ideas available when
talking about wargames, both tactic and strategic. I'd like to see someone
make a Linux version of 'Combat Missions'. That one I could pay some
serious money for... :-)

><sigh>  So many projects, so little time!

As always...

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