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Re: Naval warfare sims

Michael bridak wrote:

> Well I guess that means I have no souce to leach from (serious frown).
> I guess I will have to continue on my own endevor. I'm going to end up
> doing a sub sim as opposed to the harpoon type, if for no other reason
> than I have tons more information on submarines than on other operating
> platforms. I've been thinking a-lot about passive sonar and I don't think
> that will be much of a problem to emulate. The harder things will be the
> target motion analysis and even something simple as the map... I'm not
> good at graphics so it's gonna be ugly.... Oh well...

I suggest that since quite a few people say "oh - yes - it *would* be nice
to have a naval sim", it would be worth creating a SourceForge account and
publicising it to lists like this one to see if you can get some help.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of them - I never could get into naval sims.

I'd like to do a Greek Trireme battle sim though - archers and catapults,
ramming, grappling hooks, boarding, exploding 'Greek-fire' pots, oarsmen,
sails, that kind of thing.  I was a great fan of a boardgame called 'Trireme'
back in the mid 1970's - and I've yet to see a half-decent computer-based
game around the same theme.

<sigh>  So many projects, so little time!

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