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Re: Naval warfare sims

On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Dustin Reyes wrote:

> I'm not aware of one offhand, but I'd love to see a viable open-source
> naval warfare sim project take off... I was a huge Harpooon and 688i fan...
> It doesn't even have to be that terribly complex for a general naval sim
> (modeling hydrodynamic sound and a passive sonar display would be difficult
> if it was an ASW/SSN sim).
> -Dustin

Well I guess that means I have no souce to leach from (serious frown).
I guess I will have to continue on my own endevor. I'm going to end up
doing a sub sim as opposed to the harpoon type, if for no other reason
than I have tons more information on submarines than on other operating
platforms. I've been thinking a-lot about passive sonar and I don't think
that will be much of a problem to emulate. The harder things will be the
target motion analysis and even something simple as the map... I'm not
good at graphics so it's gonna be ugly.... Oh well...

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