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Re: Naval warfare sims

On 06-Jul-2000 Dustin Reyes wrote:
> I'm not aware of one offhand, but I'd love to see a viable open-source
> naval warfare sim project take off... I was a huge Harpooon and 688i fan...
> It doesn't even have to be that terribly complex for a general naval sim
> (modeling hydrodynamic sound and a passive sonar display would be difficult
> if it was an ASW/SSN sim).
> -Dustin
> On Thu, Jul 06, 2000 at 12:56:37PM -0700, Michael bridak wrote:
>> Hello, please forgive me if this is the wrong forum but....
>>      I've been in search of a naval warfare sim on the linux platform for
>> quite some time maybe something like harpoon or better yet a submarine
>> simulation like Janes 688(i). Does anyone know of a current project along
>> these lines?
>>      I've been messing around with a sub sim on my own but I'm hardly
>> what I would call a programmer and it's not much more than a bunch of NTDS
>> symbols floating around on a featureless map changing directions and
>> depth and a notional view of a sonar. Anyway at this speed I won't be
>> playing anything worth while for quite some time. Anyone know of a project
>> out there alive (or even dead w/ source) that you could point me to?
>> Michael Bridak
>> mcbib@jps.net

I was a big 'silent service' addict in the late 80's. It'd be cool to see games
like that again :)

(yes, this email was pointless blabbering)

        -Erik <erik@smluc.org> [http://math.smsu.edu/~br0ke]

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