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Re: intro

On Thu, 06 July 2000, Samantha Craggs wrote:
> So the question is this: what am I doing here? I'm not a game developer and
> I haven't even been acquainted with Linux for as long as most of you have.
> I'm just hanging around doing research.
> I work for Gamesmania.com, and I cover Mac and misc. platforms, which
> includes Linux. It's kind of hard to cover the Linux gaming scene because so
> many of the games are made by individuals who don't have fame or press
> people. That's why I'm here. If you guys know of any Linux gaming news, or
> have made a game that you think is cool and you want some publicity for it,
> let me know. We write about big games and small games and medium-sized games
> and no game is exempt. And if the mood strikes you, please spread the word.
> The biggest battle is that no Linux users even know we're there.
> Sorry for the possibly OT post, but I just thought I'd temporarily delurk.
> If you need me, I'll be playing my new copy of Terminus.

Two great sights to check for something like this
The first is a general Linux game news site
The second is a database of Linux games plus they announce Linux Game releases. They list games that are complete or almost complete.  I know that at least the maintainer of http://www.happypenguin.org/ is on this list last I know


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