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im a beginner

Hi my name is Cliff, i am currently a beginner in c and c++ but i am at college studing it and i would like to start games programming using c and c++ with opengl and mesa. The game i would like to start programming is a virtual fighter clone on the linux platform, i have read several aticles on opengl and mesa to understand a little of what im dealing with and have sams teach yourself c in 21 days for linux 
and have GNU c++ for linux written by Tom Swan to use as a refence kind of while im trying to tackle opengl at the same time, i know how to program in visual basic and html cause i learnt that last term only basics though and this term i am starting c for 5 weeks then go into c++ i already know how to use variables, constants, 1d arrays, loops and if statements etc in visual basic and now i know most of them in c. So i was wondering if u might give me, like an example of how i would go about such a game.

PS i am i know quite how to use linux quite well.

thanks a lot guys

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