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Re: intro

on 07/07/00 11:57, Ed Page at cubesoft@techieguy.com wrote:
Ed Page wrote:

> Two great sights to check for something like this
> www.linuxgames.com
> http://www.happypenguin.org/
> The first is a general Linux game news site
> The second is a database of Linux games plus they announce Linux Game
> releases. They list games that are complete or almost complete.  I know that
> at least the maintainer of http://www.happypenguin.org/ is on this list last I
> know

Thanks Ed. I'm already a regular visitor to happypenguin.org and I visit
linuxgames.com a lot too. Then, of course, there's Slashdot, which I've been
worshipping before I even got into this. (Rob Malda is my unofficial hero, I

Thanks for the suggestions. :)


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