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RE: intro

On 06-Jul-2000 Samantha Craggs wrote:
> So the question is this: what am I doing here? I'm not a game developer and
> I haven't even been acquainted with Linux for as long as most of you have.
> I'm just hanging around doing research.
> I work for Gamesmania.com, and I cover Mac and misc. platforms, which
> includes Linux. It's kind of hard to cover the Linux gaming scene because so
> many of the games are made by individuals who don't have fame or press
> people. That's why I'm here. If you guys know of any Linux gaming news, or
> have made a game that you think is cool and you want some publicity for it,
> let me know. We write about big games and small games and medium-sized games
> and no game is exempt. And if the mood strikes you, please spread the word.
> The biggest battle is that no Linux users even know we're there.
> Sorry for the possibly OT post, but I just thought I'd temporarily delurk.
> If you need me, I'll be playing my new copy of Terminus.


happypenguin.org provides a fairly large database of linux games, with some
news going on, too. Freshmeat probably has most linux games in its database.
Also linuxgames.com has news on some of the more high profile and notable
projects. If you talk to the administrators of these sites (well, linuxgames
and mebbe happypenguin), they will probably exchange links, since spreading the
popularity of linux is something most of us want. One of the nice things about
linux is the stuff is available and there's no one shoving it in your face. The
efforts of advertisers usually just annoy me and create a negative association
with the product. There are a few sites that concentrate information so you can
find what you want, but you're not being blasted with the products marketting

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