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Re: The Artists thing

> 1) Where are artists that have experience in computer art & are propably
> willing to help?
> 2d Graphics: gimp.org, themes.org, eventually web design sites, generic
> gfx artist sites, POVRay scene
> 3d Graphics: POVRay scene, Quake (& other FPS) level/mod scenes, generic
> gfx artist sites
> Sound: unknown

There are sort of equivalent sites. And things. Friend of mine ambles
about round them, they trade MP3s of their work back & forth and so

I'll see if I can find out.

> We want to start a discussion about what would attract them to helping
> us & what's annoying them right now.
> We want to make them aware of our situation and our "scene".
> 3) What is our message to them?
> - We need artists, and we'll do very much to accommodate them (expr?).
> - We're aware that the current practice of giving the coders all credit is
> bad, and we're very willing to change that.
> - The open source community is a nice place not only for coders but also
> (especially) for artists. There isn't much difference between the people
> who try to write beautiful code and those who try to paint beautiful
> images, between the ones designing elegant software and the ones
> designing fascinating & well-balanced gameplay.

I've chatted to people about the music situation, and they're kind of
interested in the idea. The bit that concerns them is starting work on
music for things that never get anywhere. They're also not
particularly interested in being told what to compose, because they
already have day jobs where that happens.

> We write an article, post it on the site and tell many, many sites read
> by artists about it, so that they link to it / mention it.
> Some example sites: gimp.org, planet(quake|halflife|...).com, themes.org,
> gamasutra.com, gamedev.net, povray.org, linuxgames.com, some more

There's a HUGE level design community out there... there's all those
sites about how to write Quake levels and things.

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