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Re: [CsMain] Open-Source or Freeware Sprites...

Chris Marro wrote:
>My brother is interested in finding an open-source, or freeware 3D Object
>designer.  He's been playing with the Rhino Demos, but software like that is
>horrendously expensive, and I'm afraid he nor our family can afford
>something like that.  We'd be very interested if anyone knows where we can
>find something like that, preferably something that could make files
>compatible with CS :)

Just a quick Poll: How many people with experience in modeling etc are
reading this? There *are* several free modeler projects, but they need
feedback from actual artists to make something really good (& to boost
their motivation ;). 
This seems to be a quite common theme right now - on the LGDC list
there's a big thread about this (the lack of artists in general (as seen
from the game coders' side)).

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator, LGDC (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

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