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Re: [CsMain] Open-Source or Freeware Sprites...

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Just a quick Poll: How many people with experience in modeling etc are
> reading this? There *are* several free modeler projects, but they need
> feedback from actual artists to make something really good (& to boost
> their motivation ;). 

I'm a modeler/animator, sometimes programmer.  I've worked with
programmers of various modeling tools in the past, and the biggest problem
I've seen is that users have a limited amount of time to invest in
learning to use a program and contributing to it's development, and they
need to know it's going to pay off.

It would be very reassuring if some of these single-developer
modeler projects would start standardizing on formats or even combine
their efforts to make one program.
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