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Re: The Artists thing

Pieter Hulshoff wrote:
>> How much of this thread did you read (i.e. how much do I have to
>> summarize ;) ?
>I started reading at the point where someone was complaining that this
>thread wasn't heading anywhere. :) I guess I missed the whole set of
>start-up questions. Summarize away!

Ok, the main thing is: We are coders looking for artists. We're willing
to do quite much to attract them - at the very least we want to convince
them that the free software community is full of nice people and that
it's propably the best environment to spend your spare time in.

Some points of the thread:
* We'd gladly write good tools for artists if we'd know how good tools
should be like
* The current practice of giving coders 90% of the credits for a game is
bad, and we'd like to change it (if we had someone except coders to give

Umm, yes, that's the most important stuff coming to my mind right now.
You can catch up on the thread at http://www.seul.org/archives/linuxgames/Jun-2000/
The first post is somewhere at the beginning of the "Poll ideas" thread.

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator, LGDC (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

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