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Re: The Artists thing

> > Somebody said that people often remember the programmers, but not the
> > artists. That depends on who you talk to. The programmers will usually
> > remember the programmers, but if the music is good, the musicians will
> > remember the musicians. Chris Huelzbeck (dunno if this is the correct
> > spelling) who created the music for Turrican for instance is very well
> > known in the musicians gaming groups.
> Interesting.  So an amateur musician would be interested in getting himself
> a similar reputation to Chris - by creating the music for an amateur
> game - right?

Yes, Chris Huelsbeck (that´s his name) has a very good reputation!

> But that doesn't *seem* to be happening.  Mostly (overwhelmingly
> actually) OpenSource games are designed by programmers in ways that
> avoid needing fancy artwork - because no artists are getting it together
> and helping out.

Well, I tried to do it different with Defkon 17. It is a game that really needs
fancy artwork. But I couln´t find graphic artists, so the project died.

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