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Re: The Artists thing

Steve Baker wrote:

>> Music Artists:
>> Music artists are very similar to draw artists, but have the added cost
>> of often expensive equipment.
>I'm suprised that so much costly stuff is needed...and in any case, if
>you are an amateur musician - don't you already have this stuff?

Well, usually musicians don't exclusively do electronic music, but also
the old-fashioned instrumental type. And instruments are expensive as
hell. Example: drumming ('cause that's what I know):

Drum set (the thing band drummers have): new ones starting at $1500,
paying more is trivial & common. With much luck you can get a used set for
$500 Usually this set is expanded / "updated" over time

Mallets (Xylophone & co): Last weekend I talked a bit with someone
studying music (drumming), and he showed me a Marimbaphone costing about
$8000. The one he owns is not as good - it cost only $4000. That's for
*one* instrument (most of the other *phone types are a bit cheaper
though), and someone serious with this should have ~3

Plus some more equipment, plus an own room for the stuff (with noise
dampening) etc.

>> Somebody said that people often remember the programmers, but not the
>> artists. That depends on who you talk to. The programmers will usually
>> remember the programmers, but if the music is good, the musicians will
>> remember the musicians. Chris Huelzbeck (dunno if this is the correct
>> spelling) who created the music for Turrican for instance is very well
>> known in the musicians gaming groups.

Huelsbeck (s, not z)

>Interesting.  So an amateur musician would be interested in getting himself
>a similar reputation to Chris - by creating the music for an amateur
>game - right?

Well, Chris is a legend, so I guess the answer would be yes.

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator, LGDC (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

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