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Re: The Artists thing

On 22-Jul-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Steve Baker wrote:
>>> Music Artists:
>>> Music artists are very similar to draw artists, but have the added cost
>>> of often expensive equipment.
>>I'm suprised that so much costly stuff is needed...and in any case, if
>>you are an amateur musician - don't you already have this stuff?
> Well, usually musicians don't exclusively do electronic music, but also
> the old-fashioned instrumental type. And instruments are expensive as
> hell. Example: drumming ('cause that's what I know):
> Drum set (the thing band drummers have): new ones starting at $1500,
> paying more is trivial & common. With much luck you can get a used set for
> $500 Usually this set is expanded / "updated" over time
> Mallets (Xylophone & co): Last weekend I talked a bit with someone
> studying music (drumming), and he showed me a Marimbaphone costing about
> $8000. The one he owns is not as good - it cost only $4000. That's for
> *one* instrument (most of the other *phone types are a bit cheaper
> though), and someone serious with this should have ~3
> Plus some more equipment, plus an own room for the stuff (with noise
> dampening) etc.

damn, drums're expensive :) I've been playing guitar for 12 years, and right
now my setup cost me (math math math) mebbe 900 or 1000. That's considerably
less than my computer, and the only 'upgrading' necessary is when I burn out my
wah pedals. And it's not the el cheapo generic stuff, I play a fender strat,
crate amp, dunlop wah, and DOD pedals. The only recurring costs are strings,
oil, and very very infrequently the cords and potentiometer in my wah. I have a
volume knob so soundproof room isn't necessary :) Now if I went out and bought
a REALLY nice guitar, like a 'clapton' strat, the huge midi and preprocessor
banks (that look like rack computers), 1200watt amp, and speaker rack bigger
than my wall, I'd be looking at unbearable costs (at least for an amatuer who
just likes to goof off and have fun) 

the problem with real instruments in computer games is one instrument rarely
makes a good song. Sure, solo tunes are out there, but combinations sound much

>>> Somebody said that people often remember the programmers, but not the
>>> artists. That depends on who you talk to. The programmers will usually
>>> remember the programmers, but if the music is good, the musicians will
>>> remember the musicians. Chris Huelzbeck (dunno if this is the correct
>>> spelling) who created the music for Turrican for instance is very well
>>> known in the musicians gaming groups.
> Huelsbeck (s, not z)
>>Interesting.  So an amateur musician would be interested in getting himself
>>a similar reputation to Chris - by creating the music for an amateur
>>game - right?
> Well, Chris is a legend, so I guess the answer would be yes.

plenty of amatuer bands are throwing their music on the web in hopes of being
signed, but they usually get ignored on 'napster' so people can download faked
metallica mp3's :} I'd imagine finding a band for background music wouldn't be
a big problem, tell them it'd be a chance for exposure and name some famous
musicians who did games (eg quake/trent reznor) and they'll probably jump on
it? :)

My thoughts are that the back ground music is NOT a key component of the audio
dillema. Sound effects and voice snips are far more difficult. I could go
around with a tape recorder but I'd be getting background noise and low quality
audio. Effects should be done in an effects studio... Voice requires that you
find someone with the exact right voice who can read everything with the right
inflection, accent, etc. I had real problems trying to find a female 'computer'
voice for a game I was working on a couple years back, and sound editing tools
can only do so much touchup :)

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