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Re: The Artists thing

(warning: attempting thread hop)        

On 22-Jul-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Dennis Payne wrote:
>>> MP3 is good - small, high quality, sounds everywhere the same,
>>I haven't played around with sound much but my understanding is that
>>converting an MP3 to a format playable by the sound card takes a fair
>>amount of processing power.  Probably not much of a consideration for
> Not really. On my machine (Celeron 400) it's about 0.3 - 0.6% CPU-Power
> *En*coding MP3s takes helluvalot power, but decoding is cheap

but not everyone has a juicy powerful machine. On my crappy 120, it floats
just under 50% cpu for a cd quality mp3 (using mpg123). My 486dx66 won't play a
cd quality, and sweats hard under the load of a mono mp3 at a low bitrate. I
think mp3's are the solution for transferring sound over the 'net, but it may
require conversion once it's there... all depends on what you want your minimum
specs to be :)

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