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Re: The Artists thing

Am Sam, 22 Jul 2000 schrieben Sie:
> Just a question this time:
> When writing music, what format should one aim for? MOD (can you use
> your midi capabilities in the tracker programs btw?)? MIDI? WAV? MP3?
> Perhaps a combination (e.g. MIDI -> WAV -> MP3?). What format is
> preferred in games?

Ok, my personal preferences:
If you have a music-keyboard, and want to record the notes from it, then take
MIDI. If you don´t have that type of keyboard, then I suggest that you don´t
use MIDI.
Using MIDI in a game is very problematic, because you don´t know what the
soundcard will make out of it, and the result can be very bad.
So there are two possibilities with MIDI: You can softrender it with Timidy (?)
(Freshmeat) or similar software to WAV.
Or, you convert it to XM (the best of all the MOD formats). You can also start
XMs from scratch. Then integrate the samples for all the instruments, ... into
the XM, and work intensively on the XM.
At the end, render the XM module to a WAV file.

If the XM does everything you want, you can try to use XMs in your game.

The internal endproduct should always be WAV, in CD or better quality.
Before packaging the game, you should calculate it down to MP3.

General rule: Use the best possible quality internally, and reduce the quality
as late as possible, so that you can easily switch to better quality if

Many greetings,
~ Philipp Gühring              p.guehring@poboxes.com
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~ My /home is my Kastl.

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