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Re: The Artists thing

Pieter Hulshoff wrote:
> As soon as we can get programmers and artists to work together as a team
> from the start of the development rather than finding the artists when
> the game is already 80% programmed, I think we are on the right track.
> If you are working on a project, you would like to at least have the
> feeling you've contributed something to the project in stead of just
> doing your 'ordered job'. Get all people involved as early as possible
> (possibly even before you decide on the game genre).

What about some sort of web site that lets people contribute game ideas
and add to current game ideas (with data/code etc) - like a cvs for
ideas/plans with a web interface. There are plenty of good
engines/libraries out there for games ; maybe if there was a forum for
people to contribute to an ideas database for new games, we would have
many slowly evolving projects, which would eventually get some
programmers who would use a currently available engine to instantiate
the actual games. We might get many original ideas for games, or things
like complicated game plans, level outlines, actual images/music, before
any real need for programmers occurs. 

The real programmers could take people with ideas and motivation, and
set them straight on how much work is involved in a game, and what they
can do to bring it about.

It might make many people feel a part of a project, because they've
thrown many ideas into its inception, helped develop the basis behind
it, that sort of thing.

Just an idea.

Bye - Joel.

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