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Re: The Artists thing

> I can write code in my head too.  We are less different than you think!

Sure, but it's common for programmers to program on a computer, and for
musicians to play music without a computer.

>   We programmers imagined that this stereotype of the arrogant
> domineering programmer was why musicians and artists were not
> flocking to help us out with free games.
>   However, if you are typical - then that's evidently not the reason!

*grin*, thanx! ;P I didn't say that would be my reaction. All I said was
that if an artist gets an 'let me see you create exactly what you want
before I allow you the privilege to work on my game' message, then it
would be understandable that the artist feels the same way in return
('show me some programming you have done before I spend my valuable time
on your game').

As soon as we can get programmers and artists to work together as a team
from the start of the development rather than finding the artists when
the game is already 80% programmed, I think we are on the right track.
If you are working on a project, you would like to at least have the
feeling you've contributed something to the project in stead of just
doing your 'ordered job'. Get all people involved as early as possible
(possibly even before you decide on the game genre).


Pieter Hulshoff

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