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Re: The Artists thing

Ok, let's summarise what we got sofar, and then get some new items
going. :)

1) It's hard to force yourself to be creative.

2) Being a musician is expensive (and the better you get, the more
expensive your equipment often becomes).

3) Artists have little to gain from open source, since they have little
need for other people's artistic creations.

4) Chances of coming up with a new game concept are small. We do need
people that can take a concept, and make it into a challenging and fun
game. Perhaps role-playing experts, writers, and artists can play a
valuable roll in this.

5) Creating games should be a team effort, with all members
(programmers, game designers & artists) available from the start.

6) Programmers can create better programming tools for themselves, but
artists often can't create better artistic tools for themselves
(especially hardware).

7) Perhaps it's good to adjust the game to available music and graphics
in stead of the other way around.

8) It's hard to compose a tune that doesn't remind you of some other

Finding musicians:
Since popular musicians are very busy (and rich:), and non-popular
musicians could use the money from non-open-source development, the best
solution would be to find people who have music as a hobby and like
games in the process. They can afford to produce free music (whether
they're willing to do so is a different matter of course).
Still, even then it might be an idea to save open-source for Linux, and
sell the game on windows. Of course there will be people cross-compiling
the game for windows, but then again: nobody still has the illusion that
people do not copy games, right? ;) If the game is good, it should still
sell on windows, cross-compiling or no. I for one don't have a problem
with letting windows users pay, and have Linux users get the game for
free. *evil grin*
There seem to be plenty of musician newsgroups and mailinglists
available though. Has anyone ever launched the question we're debating
on any of those?


Pieter Hulshoff

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