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Re: The Artists thing

Pieter Hulshoff wrote:
>Just a question this time:
>When writing music, what format should one aim for? MOD (can you use
>your midi capabilities in the tracker programs btw?)? MIDI? WAV? MP3?
>Perhaps a combination (e.g. MIDI -> WAV -> MP3?). What format is
>preferred in games?
>I figure that if you have a good soundcard or synthesizer/keyboard it
>might be good to record your playing midi file and transfer this to MP3,
>but is this the best solution? Let me know.

MP3 is good - small, high quality, sounds everywhere the same,
relatively simple to play (as there's enough player code out there) - but
it's lossy, so you shouldn't use MP3 directly for making the music. The
stuff should be converted to MP3 only directly before distributing it.
Propably best for short sound effects, speech, ...

MOD is good - same reasons as for MP3 - and it's not lossy, so it's good
for direct use. Also MODs can be easily changed, as they're describing
sequences of individual tunes instead of raw waveforms.
Propably best for background music

Midi is good for composing, 'cause that's what synthesizers/keyboards
support, but as you said it's not that great for playing the music. I'm
not sure, but a conversion from Midi to MOD should be possible.

So I'd suggest Midi -> MOD for Music and Microphone/synthesizer/... ->
WAV -> MP3 for sound effects

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator, LGDC (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

If you can't make it good, make it LOOK good.-Gates.

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