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Re: The Artists thing

Philipp Guehring wrote:

> Well, zero CPU time, thatīs right. No need for a soundcard, thats a pro too.
> BUT: You canīt load data from the CD-Rom while playing
> (There are special CD-ROMs, but they are not commonly available, and I donīt
> know wheter Linux supports them; Did anyone created hack to play
> CD-Audio and read CD-Rom data in parallel? If not, you have to
> install the whole game ...)

Well, usually a game will load up a 'level' with the music turned off - then
play audio from the CD until the player exits that level to load another.

I don't think that's a serious problem.

> And you canīt mix several sounds together (music in background and sound
> effects ...)

Sure - sound cards can do that.  Just try it - start a CD playing, bring
up a 'mixer' gadget (there are dozens of them for Linux) and then run
something that plays sounds through the sound card.  Not only do they
both play at once - but you have simply control over relative volume.

You obviously couldn't play sound effects from the CD - but you wouldn't
want to - the latency would be far too long.

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