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Re: K3D some early impressions.

On Sunday 01 July 2001 04:23, you wrote:
> As you may know, I've been looking into the K3D modeller which runs on
> both Linux and Windoze, is GPL'ed, and seems pretty much like a finished
> product.
> On the face of it, that's a unique combination of things that makes it
> attractive compared to the Linux alternatives:
>   AC3D    - costs $40, crashes a lot, no sources - what I use because
>             I don't have a choice.
>   PPE     - not finished *yet* - but otherwise ideal.
>   Blender - incomprehensible to maybe 60% of it's potential
>             audience *loved* by the other 40%.  No source code.

Hate to nitpick (*sarcastic grin*), but parts of blender are apparently 
OpenSource. I havn't seen which parts, but their ECTS stand last year was 
covered in this propoganda...

And here are some others:

g3d - Perfect for low-poly editing if you don't need too much power. Designed 
for handling Quake-style models.

Freya/GooseEgg - I'm yet to get this one working properly. Anyone else had 
any luck?

K3D - Won't compile. :)

Maya - Costs a fortune, but the undisputed best:)