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Re: K3D some early impressions.

Mark Collins wrote:

> >   Blender - incomprehensible to maybe 60% of it's potential
> >             audience *loved* by the other 40%.  No source code.
> Hate to nitpick (*sarcastic grin*), but parts of blender are apparently
> OpenSource. I havn't seen which parts, but their ECTS stand last year was
> covered in this propoganda...

I think that covers their game scripting engine and not the modeller...but
I could be wrong about that.

> And here are some others:
> g3d - Perfect for low-poly editing if you don't need too much power. Designed
> for handling Quake-style models.

It's home page http://condor.stcloudstate.edu/~hebl9901/g3d says:

         I would like developers and debugger type
         people to take an interest in my project. Be
         careful, until tests prove otherwise, consider this
         violently unstable software, and not appropriate
         for the casual user. (Ie, expect stuff like X

...but I'll give it a spin.

> Freya/GooseEgg - I'm yet to get this one working properly. Anyone else had
> any luck?

Nope - I couldn't get it to go either.
> K3D - Won't compile. :)

What gave you trouble - maybe it's the same thing I had.

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