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Re: K3D some early impressions.

> It's home page http://condor.stcloudstate.edu/~hebl9901/g3d says:
>          I would like developers and debugger type
>          people to take an interest in my project. Be
>          careful, until tests prove otherwise, consider this
>          violently unstable software, and not appropriate
>          for the casual user. (Ie, expect stuff like X
>          lockups)
> ...but I'll give it a spin.

I'm mildy impressed with G3D. It's got a clean, easy to use interface, except 
is has the same problem I've found with all Quake-style modellers, in that 
when you have a complex model, selecting a vertex for building a face can be 
a hit/miss process....

> > Freya/GooseEgg - I'm yet to get this one working properly. Anyone else
> > had any luck?
> Nope - I couldn't get it to go either.

I got it to compile, but the SDL version flickers like hell, and the GLUT 
version lacks the menu.

> > K3D - Won't compile. :)
> What gave you trouble - maybe it's the same thing I had.

gcc spent ages compiling one file. (when I say ages, I mean > 1 hour). I'm 
not sure what caused it, but I'm impatient...