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Re: K3D some early impressions.

Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:

> I also had to upgrade stuff to make it compile. Unfortunatly the
> ./configure scripts seems to be not very clever.

Those things are a bitch to get right - I sympathise with them.
> > Right now, the tool loads and saves in either '.OBJ' (Wavefront) or
> > it's own XML-based format.  I tried feeding it OBJ files made in other
> > tools - and also importing K3D's OBJ files into other tools - and without
> > exception, the result was an unholy mess.  Plan on writing an XML parser
> > if you want to use K3D...fortunately, the *one* good feature of XML is
> > that this tends to be reasonably easy.
> Maybe someone will add a k3d loader to plib. ;-)

We've been talking about that on the K3D mailing list.
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