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CrystalSpace vs Ogre3d

I was trying to create a *very* simple mech-simulator, so i tried Ogre3d, wich 
seemed a quite simple library (i know almost nothing about 3d programming)...
After about a week studying it (and crawling in the sources) i grew somewhat 
disappointed: Ogre3d is very strict and invasive: for example, it wants its 
own configuration files and does not provide almost any interface to deal 
without them; moreover, the only way to create a terrain is loading it from 
a .cfg file, while i would to generate it and maybe morph during gametime.
Ogre is written in a very strict Object-Oriented fashon i don't really like: 
most of the programming is made inside headers so that it takes biblic times 
to compile, and it is almost impossible search methods to see how they 
And it seems a bit too windows-oriented...

So i'd like to try Crystal Space, but it seems even more difficult, or at 
least badly documented, with no demos and almost no basic tutorials.

Does anyone ever tryed one of these?
Does anyone has any idea about features/performances issues about these two, 
or any idea where i can find newbie CS tutorials?

Thanx very much!
Francesco Orsenigo