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Re: Poll ideas?

Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:

> I personally find it interessting that there seems to be a greater demand
> for graphics artists then for developers. Of course Steven Baker will
> probably tell me he knew this...

...er - OK - yes. I knew this.

> and it goes well with the fact that any
> project obviously have at least one developer. I also find it amusing
> that only about 5-6 % needs users the most :-)

Oh - good god - the LAST thing we need is *users* - they are a PAIN!

> > Has anyone ideas for a new one?
> I have ideas for two different:
> 1) "What sound library are you using for your game project"
> Answers could be
> - OSS (/dev/dsp)
> - OSS/Free (/dev/dsp)
> - DSL
> - OpenAL
> etc. I am sure there are more, but I do not know them. There should be
> more then these options.

PLIB/SL, SDL-mixer and MikMod are others that seem popular...although since
there is a tendancy for some of these to be built on top of others - you'd have
to be careful how you asked the question and interpreted the answer.

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