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Artists (was: Poll ideas?)

Erik wrote:

>on that. The open source and free software movement seem to be based on models
>of economic reciprocity (we aren't paying, we aren't getting paid, we give and
>take freely. We hope that the value we're giving and taking balance out, but
>there's no one counting value, and there's no immediate exchange). Artists have
>no use for that kind of reciprocity. If they produce something of value, they
>want to be compensated for it, and someone elses picture isn't what they want

I don't think that's really true. The motivations of artists are in my
experience really similar to ours:
- Produce something they like, that touches something in them
- Have their art seen (heard/...) by as many people as possible
- Get feedback. Both the "Ohhh, that's soo greeat" and the "Nice, but the X
of Y is a bit too pink" kinds
- Have fun

There's actually many coders (esp. in the free software scene and esp. the
good ones) describing themselves as "artists" because of that.

>College campuses are probably good places to recruit graphic artists. The
>internet is probably a BAD place to recruit them, unfortunantly. Those savvy
>with computer tools (photoslop, 3Ds, lw) may frequent certain places on the
>internet, but they aren't the same places we keep eyes on. If we develope a

But they're at least places we *can* relatively easily keep eyes on. I
can't say that of (college) campuses (ok, I'm on an uni campus almost
daily, but how do I identify who's an artist?)

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