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Artists (was: Poll ideas?)

Steve Baker wrote:

>Indeed.  That would make me ask the question - "Why are programmers working
>for free when they could easily be paid to do the job?" ...and... "If
>artists are stuggling to get low paid jobs just so they can get a portfolio
>together - why aren't more of them working for nothing to achieve the same

Perhaps because they still need the money from the low paid jobs?

>> Graphic artists are not as rare. The local university had a record high
>> graduation of csc majors, a whopping 13 (I think there're 30,000 students). In
>> contrast, the graphic arts program has strict admittance requirements including
>> interviews and portfolios, because too many people want to be graphics artists.
>> I'd imagine the average graphic artists salary is considerably lower than the
>> average programmers. I'm sure there are some graphic artists making loads, but
>> I think 'average' is more important.

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