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Artists (was: Poll ideas?)

Erik wrote:

>But your primary target is linux, right? :) the system of reciprocity is
>already established. Sure, there is intellectual challenge and enjoyment in
>creating a finished program. But you're doing it for an os that everyone else
>is doing it for, you're using other peoples free programs as well. Open source
>isn't big stuff in windows land, nor mac-land. I was just reading about

But what's realized only seldom is that many of the "Linux" programs &
libraries are actually cross-platform, and the number of these is only
increasing. Now that it's no more the "damn, we don't have *any* good
programs on Linux" anymore, the focus seems to shift from "making it work"
to "making it work well and everywhere".

>up a lot of mailbox if that were adopted as a course of action). If we have
>some artist types listening, maybe we should build an art section, and try to
>draw the artists there (by spamming lists mercilessly), and see what they do
>from there? :)

Sounds good. If we have the time to implement this. Oh heck, I'm sure we'll
find a way :)

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