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Re: Poll ideas?

Erik wrote:

>> Perhaps a good first start would be to set up a mailing list forum called
>> something
>> like "Artists and Programmers united towards making quality games" - and post

>mebbe make a game art list instead, not try to immediately push
>programmers and artists into the same room? At least not in a really
>direct way :) Naturally game programmers will watch the list to see how to
>get artists, maybe converse some about how artists should seek out
>projects. We are used to the community and know how to find and join the
>projects. They probably are sitting there wishing someone would throw them
>an email asking them if they want a portfolio boost :)
>If we want to set up a game artist mailing list, I can host the list (but I
>have a very slow uplink and very puny machine for my mail server). I can always

That's what we have mommy sunsite for ;)
(and they won't notice the extra load unless we go up to linux-kernel -
style traffic...)

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